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We have recently been featured twice on the Teesside ‘Gazette Live’ website, showcasing our work as well as contributing to a story regarding reports of drones being used to spy into homes, gardens – and even schools, focusing on the importance being a of fully licensed drone operator.

An extract from one story:

This is Britain like you’ve never seen -or heard – before.

A Teesside drone expert’s captured stunning aerial footage of England and Wales using his hovering camera.

And his state-of-the-art drone’s so advanced, it’s even recorded the sound of sheep as it’s flew over a flock!

Drone whizz Paul Everett captured the stunning shots on a near month-long tour of the country.

“We went everywhere from Cornwall to Roseberry Topping, and I got loads of stock footage of Teesside,” said Middlesbrough’s Paul, of Xcyte Media, one of a handful of UK firms with permission to legally fly camera drones.

“With a lot of drones, they don’t capture sound but with this we didn’t just get the footage we captured the ambient noises too.”

The result of spending a huge chunk of his summer on the road is an epic clip, which manages to travel across most of England and Wales in just over three minutes.

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