Drones offer a high-tech yet cost effective solution for aerial cinematography. They allow us to capture footage from a different perspective that usually has never been seen before, and the result is stunning. Our drones are suited with carbon fiber arms which provide us with the strength to manoeuvre seamlessly in the air with no disruptions. With a full 360⁰ unobstructed view, we have the freedom to capture truly creative, one of a kind shots without cost of high powered equipment. Combined with Egg TV's Video Production services, we are able to bring our customers a one-stop-shop for all of their production needs.
Our services:
  • Listing agents of residential properties can use drones to create beautiful video tours of their properties. Using a drone to capture video footage of particularly large properties also makes it easier to capture areas that may be somewhat difficult to reach on foot during a showing.

  • Drones may prove useful for several types of inspections. For instance, oil companies can use drones to inspect pipelines in remote areas.Wind energy engineers can perform inspections on wind turbines and turbine props without needing to bring in heavy lifting equipment, or put humans at risk of injury.

    A drone can capture high-definition video of every joint, support, crack, and crevice on a bridge which can be more thorough than what a human engineer on the job might be able to do because of environmental variables and safety restrictions.

  • The most epic events of your life deserve epic documentation, and drones are the answer. Drones can be used to get aerial shots that were once unobtainable for the vast majority of couples. Drones also enable you to get beautiful footage of the bride walking down the aisle. Your big day just got more cinematic.Aerial photography and video of major events such as concerts and sporting events are about to get much better with drones, as well. Check Egg TV out for detailed wedding information.
  • With new technology, you could notify your insurance company of a car accident using a mobile app on your phone. The app could then transmit information including coordinates back to the insurance company whom could then take your coordinates and dispatch a drone to come out and gather pictures and video of the accident scene.Drones can come in to document home damage with photos and video and speed the process up while reducing risk of accident on the insurance inspector.
  • In 2014, drones were introduced as a critical tool for locating people in areas ravaged by fire, flood, or other natural disaster. Drones can be equipped with sensors like infrared that can be used to locate humans in remote areas by their heat signatures. Streaming video can be used for visual identification of people in distress and GPS information gives rescue personnel the ability to precisely locate the distressed and send in aerial support to rescue people.