Whether you need to calculate the volume of stockpiles, measure the extraction volume of a quarry or estimate the volume of a building, we have your best solution. We can now compute volumes instantly from any device using data gathered quickly and easily via aerial drone – eliminating complex and time-consuming manual measurement and GPS ‘walks’. Accurate and timely volume calculations are critical across a wide range of industries including mining, construction, processing and manufacturing.

Prices start from £350.00 per Map. 

Our recent 3D Drone work on St. Mary's Church, Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire. (please wait for 3d image to load)

Using ours Drones for Surveying of any kind.

• Survey of challenging sites such as quarries, sand pits, landfills, coal stockpiles, etc.
• Point cloud generation
• Volume calculation
• GM creation
• Creation of location and inventory plans
• Creation of topographic images
• Evidence gathering for court cases
• Documentation of construction progress
• Inner-city survey
• Aerial photographs
• Inspection tasks

We can create a fully 3D real time model of almost any site and turn it into a Virtual Reality 360 experience using a VR head set.

Middlesbrough Cathedral Mapping with over 500 images taken.


Quarry Mapping

Prior the development of the use of drones the specialists only has images collected by satellites or pictures taken by manned aircrafts whose implementation involved sizable costs and effort.

The great advantages of geospatial data collected by drone, compared to the satellites or manned aircrafts, are:

  • their low cost
  • the ease and speed of implementation
  • their high availability
  • the quality of the images definition
  • their versatility
  • the fact that they operate under the clouds cover which, for some areas of the world, is impossible to achieve by satellites


Volumemetric & Topographical Mapping 

We offer full 360 degree high-res Pans from the sky. Please get in touch for details.