Since 2013 Egg
AIR has been utilizing Drone technology to carrying out aerial videography, photography, construction site monitoring and civil engineering like it has never been done before. The services we offer can take you to places you’ve never been or provide a new perspective on those you already love, a perspective that couldn’t be achieved even from a private charter plane or helicopter tour.
Our mission is to provide you with the best aerial video and photography service available, We tailor and customize each service to fulfill your aerial video and photography needs with a passion you will not find elsewhere. Egg Air specializes in commercial properties, real estate video listings, community events, music videos, roof inspections, land disputes, outdoor adventures, weddings, civil 3D mapping and endless special requests.
We are not simply a Drone business...we are in fact much more than this.....We have 17 years experience in the Film & Television industry who have added a unique arrows to our bow....Drones!
Look no further if you're searching a high-end drone business, we were one of the first qualified businesses in the UK to gain permission to fly Drones in  Europe.
Our DJI Fleet with Inspire 1 & 2 RAW with 5KM range! not forgetting our Phantom 3.
Always use a qualified Drone operator


We have an extensive Drone fleet in stock, perfect for different jobs and budgets. All three drones have unique practicability and can do something the other cannot not

we will be able to advise which drone is best for certain type of aerial coverage.

PLEASE STOP paying illegal drone operators that DO NOT have commercial drone insurance or CAA / IAA approval.  It is a criminal offence in both the UK and the ROI respectively to use a drone for commercial gain without CAA / IAA approval and insurance. We are Approved under xcytemedia LTD