What to ask your aerial provider

We know you have many choices when choosing a professional drone service provider. Here are some important things you need to ask them before doing so.

If not stop here. They are flying in violation of federal law. Anyone operating an unmanned vehicle between .1KG and 55KG pounds in weight for commercial purposes must have their CAA Certification and have registered their drone with the CAA Commercial use is defined as exchanging flights or services for compensation of any type.   Always ask to see a copy of an aerial provider’s certification and registration to verify that the person you are hiring is flying legally and not putting you or your company at risk for fines or other legal trouble.

EGG AIR Aerial is CAA certified and fully compliant with all CAA registration and licensing requirements for commercial sUAS operations, and we hold additional waivers that allow us to fly during hours of total darkness. We are also able to obtain additional waivers for unique missions.

Any person flying a drone for commercial purposes needs to carry flight liability insurance. No exceptions. This protects them and the client(s) in the event the drone crashes and damages property. Flight insurance is very different than general business liability or professional liability insurance, and it is exceedingly rare that a general business or professional liability insurance will cover the flying of or any damage done by a drone. A reputable aerial photographer will not hesitate to provide you with a copy of their flight insurance binder upon request.

EGG AIR carries full flight liability insurance and will provide a copy to our clients upon request. Our drones and equipment are also fully and individually insured, as is our work vehicle. We will also obtain an ‘additional insured’ document for your organization if it is required.

Any good drone pilot will be able to provide you with an extensive background of flight training, (up to and including private/commercial pilot flight school), number of years they have been flying, hours logged in the aircraft type, etc. Be aware that there is no CAA regulation of the private drone flight programs in the UK. While some programs do offer extensive and excellent training over the course of several weeks, some are nothing more than a brief online video.  A class is not qualification, and only a current CAA issued pilots license is a reputable indicator that the pilot meets federal minimum requirements to legally operate a commercial drone.

Owning a drone does not make you a photographer.  Not everyone out there that claims to be an aerial photographer actually has any photography or videography experience. If you are planning on hiring an aerial photographer for something as important as your wedding, you want to make sure that the person you hire is going to provide you with exceptional and amazing images. It’s important to look at the portfolio of an aerial photographer before hiring them.  Has your provider actually done a flight like the one you need?  can he provide examples or links to similar work? Does he or she actually know how to perform the mission being requested?

EGG AIR has over 14 years of award-winning, nationally recognized photography experience.

An aerial photographer MUST always verify that a client’s location is in clear airspace and not in one of the CAA mandated ‘no-fly zones’. Places such as airports, state parks, government buildings, etc. have multiple restrictions regarding drone flight or images, and a reputable aerial photographer will always verify whether or not the location you provide is legally able to have a drone fly overhead. Never assume that any location is clear because the CAA can place a temporary flight ban over an area at any time.  Drone operators are also prohibited from flying over crowds without a waiver.

EGG AIR will verify airspace viability before we provide you with a quote, and again before we fly the location to ensure full compliance with the CAA. We continually update our crew with the latest rules and regulations on safety, airspace, and privacy from multiple local, state, and federal sources.  We also work closely with local authorities to ensure there are no suprises on the session date.   We will also ensure we are fully compliant with all CAA airspace waiver and exemption requests prior to any operations that would place the session in violation.  

Again, a reputable aerial photographer will be able to provide you instantly with this information. Every pilot has crashed a drone at some point and should be honest about this, but a skilled pilot immediately recognizes a problem and can (usually) bring a malfunctioning drone down without damaging anything other than the drone itself. This doesn’t result in a flight liability claim, just an out of pocket repair/replace expense for the photographer/pilot. Damage reports from drone crashes are filed with the CAA.

EGG AIR has an exemplary safety record, has never filed a liability claim, and has no safety infraction record with the CAA after years of constant commercial flight operations. We take safety very seriously, and perform multi-point safety checks of all of our equipment before and after every flight, as well as a pre-flight inspection of the area to determine any possible flight risks (i.e. trees, power lines, cell towers, etc.). Our crew includes an additional visual observer whose sole job is to track the drone in flight so the pilot can focus on flying the drone as safely as possible. Additionally, we track hyperlocal weather conditions constantly to ensure that flight conditions are within safety limits. If conditions prohibit safe flight, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to reschedule.

Our crew can provide outstanding aerial imagery services anywhere in the world, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are also one of the few aerial photography providers in the US with a waiver from the CAA that allows us to fly at night in total darkness nationwide.  It is best to ensure we have around a weeks notice for scheduling, but if the same day or next day is open, we will be happy to deploy a team immediately.   In most cases, we bill at local rates and will handle all travel costs on our end.

Our aircrew maintains current passports for immediate deployment, and our flight liability insurance provides coverage regardless of location.  We also call upon our military background to package and prepare our equipment for worldwide use with little advanced notice.

Just ask – the sky is the limit! We have the ability to provide our clients with aerial imagery and/or videography for construction, site management and progress, multiple types of inspections, real estate listings, surveys, zoning, 3D mapping, 3D imaging, architecture, weddings, special events, television, film, documentaries, immersive video, agriculture, mining, 360 degree images, mosaics, indoor flight, real-time video feed, demolition, research and development, land management, forestry, chase vehicle, and much, much more.

There are many models and types of drone, camera, and video equipment on the market. The name brand is not as important as the quality of the equipment. A good photographer keeps their equipment in tip-top shape as well as technologically up to date.  Remember, a poor craftsman blames his tools.

EGG AIR almost exclusively flies the latest DJI products, including the Matrice 600 Pro, Inspire 1 Pro Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic and a wide range of custom vehicles for unique applications. We also have the expertise to build additional drones for special or sacrificial missions.  Our camera equipment includes the Zenmuse X5 (Panasonic GH4), Sony A7S II, and  Sony A7R II. Our flight hardware and mission execution software is updated on a continual basis to maintain industry standards for reliability and performance. 

Depending on what services you request, images are typically provided to our clients digitally within 48 hours. This allows time for downloading the images, professionally editing them, then uploading the images to a Google Drive folder accessible only by you based on a unique URL we provide to you. We can provide you with raw as well as fully edited and processed imagery upon request at no additional fee. 

Is the drone provider selling the rights to his images or selling a set number of images?  Are you going to end up owing this provider for the product he is selling in addition to his time and equipment.

EGG AIR releases all rights to the imagery to you upon delivery at no additional charge, and there are no hidden fees. And we will take as many images as it requires to document everything you want to be shot or filmed.  An average session results in 30-45 professional images from nearly every available angle, but larger jobs or close up inspections may produce thousands of images.  Please make sure to specify particular areas we should focus on when discussing the requirements.